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How to Change a Misspelled Name on a United Airline Ticket?

United Airlines is a popular name in the aviation industry. It is highly preferred by people in the United States because of its pocket-friendly fare costs and easy-to-understand policies. Being the 3rd largest air operator in the world, United Airlines strives for the offering of the best service modules. When it comes to name correction policy, this air carrier offers easy methods to do so. Since making mistakes is quite obvious for a person, knowing How to Change a Misspelled Name on a United Airline Ticket will help you do things easily and smoothly. If you also want to know the same, then continue reading this post for more details.

United Airlines Misspelled Name Correction Policy

We all know that humans have mistake-oriented behaviour. The same bothers them when they enter the wrong name at the time of flight tickets booking. But fret not! It is because entering a misspelled name or incorrect name is one of the most common mistakes done by the passengers. Keeping this fact in mind, United Airlines has made things easier through its name correction policy for the name misspelled on United Airline tickets.

As per this policy, you can correct the spelling of the name by providing the necessary documents. However, simple corrections or name changes can be done without any supporting document. These can be:

  • Spelling correction of the first name (i.e. Sara to Sarah)
  • Spelling correction of the last name (i.e. Smiths to Smith)
  • Changing to or from a nickname (i.e. Ronald to Ron/ Bob to Bobby)
  • Correcting or changing the title or prefix (i.e. Ms. to Mrs.)
  • Deleting or adding the middle or initial name (i.e. Jonathan James Smith to Jonathan Smith)
  • Inverting last and first name (i.e. Charles Elizabeth to Elizabeth Charles)

United Misspelled Name Significant Changes/Corrections

Apart from small changes or corrections, you can request for bigger modifications that happened because of marriage, divorce, and other reasons. However, as per the policy for name misspelled on airline ticket United, you will need to submit your request in writing and you will need to attach one of the following documents with it:

  • Divorce decree
  • Marriage certificate/ licence
  • Any legal document supporting the name change
  • Any ID issues by the government reflecting former as well as current name

Alternate Document Option for Name Corrections

In case you do not have the documents mentioned above, do not worry. This airline also provides another way to its passengers so that they can correct their misspelled name on the ticket. You can provide the airline with a ‘Name Affidavit’ stating the name change. While submitting this affidavit, you will also need to provide a copy of any of your government-issued ID. To submit your name change or correction via this affidavit, you will need to print it and send the notarized document to the below given address:

Mileage Plus Service Center

PO Box 1394


TX 77251-1394,

United States

How to Submit a Name Change/Correction Request?

As per the correction policy of United Airlines for passenger name misspelled, you can submit your request through the following:

  • You can make the changes and corrections through your Mileage Plus account profile
  • If the corrections are significant, you will need to locate and upload the scanned copy of the necessary documents mentioned above

When to Submit a Name Change/Correction Request?

To process any correction or change, you will need to do it at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure. However, minor changes can immediately be done only. In case you have any doubt or question, you can call the United Airlines customer care team on +1-888-974-1691 for professional support and guidance.

Name Correction/Change Fee

Just like any other service, you will also need to pay a certain amount as the name correction or change fee. To know more about the fees applicable on the United Airlines Name Change or correction as per the policy for misspelled name, you can approach the air operator’s customer support team.

Final Words

These are the essential aspects of the policy of misspelled names on United Airlines tickets. Knowing these aspects will help you make your travel as smooth and comfortable as possible. Apart from this, United Airlines also has a dedicated team sitting to address and provide solutions to its passengers for their name corrections and related queries. So, get in touch with them if you have any questions regarding the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to United Airlines name corrections and changes: 

Yes, you can change your surname on your ticket. However, you will need to provide the airline with the necessary documents supporting the name change. For instance, you can submit your marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc. (whatever is applicable).

Being a prestigious name in the country, United Airlines provides its passengers with a myriad of ways so that they can have the best travel experience. And when it comes to name corrections or changes, you can do it by submitting the ‘Name Affidavit’. For more details about the name affidavit method, you can call the customer support of United Airlines.

As per the name correction policy of United Airlines, you will need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate or licence. The airline will validate everything and change the surname.

No. You cannot travel within or outside the country with a misspelled name. The airline may deny your boarding if you have an incorrect name printed on the ticket and it does not match with the name given on the ID issued by the government.

You will need to connect with the customer care team of United Airlines to get detailed information about the name correction fees.

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