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United Airlines Baggage Fees

United Airlines can operate hundreds of flights worldwide. Operating so many flights becomes easier for the airline with certain rules. These can be inclusive of baggage fees rules. United Airlines baggage fees for Economy, First, Premium Plus, or Business passengers can greatly depend on where you are traveling and the type of ticket you have purchased. In addition, the items that you are carrying are also considered for the same. Based on the size/dimensions of the items or baggage, the fees on United can be higher or lower. Overweight/oversized baggage fees are mostly found to be slightly higher. Economy tickets are classified as Basic or Full Economy, which is important when considering the carry-on allowance. Based on this classification, the fees can further differ. Even for other classes such as Business and Premium Plus, the charges can be different.

United Airlines Basic Economy Baggage Fees

The Basic Economy class of United Airlines can be cheaper in terms of flight charges. However, its baggage fees can be on the expensive side, as per certain passengers. The passengers need to pay a certain amount for the first bag and a little extra for the second bag. United Airlines’ extra baggage fee can be different on the additional bags. 

Please refer to the table to get more insight on expected baggage fees for Basic Economy.

LocationFirst BagSecond BagAdditional Bags
Central America, Canada, & Caribbean$30$50$150
Australia and AsiaFree$100$200

United Airlines Economy Baggage Fees

The Economy baggage fees of United airlines can be similar to the Basic Economic fees. The only difference here may be that for some locations like Africa and Asia, the second bag can also be free. You may check the estimated price of United Airlines international baggage fees for Economy below.

LocationsFirst BagSecond BagAdditional Bag
South AmericaFree$65$150

First, Business, & Premium Plus Classes Baggage Fees

For the seating classes of the United, other than Basic Economy and Economy classes, the first and second bags can be free of cost. The additional bag fees can be similar to that of Economy. It should also be noted that United Airlines baggage fees for over 50 pounds may cost somewhere between $150 to $200 for First, Business, and Premium Plus classes.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Fee

Passengers flying on Economy or Premium Plus tickets can have a 50-pound weight restriction per checked bag. Meanwhile, travelers flying in Business or First Class may take up to 70 pounds as their checked baggage.

In case of purchasing a ticket, you may be required to pay $30 for the 1st checked bag and $40 for the second bag for a route. Now the passengers can be asked to pay United Airlines checked baggage fee $5 extra for the same route, when any restriction has not been kept in mind.

United Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fees

Passengers traveling on Basic Economy fare with United can only be allowed to bring small carry-on baggage. Just a small backpack, handbag, or duffle bag can be allowed to carry for the cheapest fares. In case any passenger tries to bring full-size carry-on baggage, the airline can charge fees on it. United Airlines carry-on baggage fees can be momentarily decided by the airline, whereas, $25 can be asked to pay as the gate handling charge.

Overweight and Oversized Baggage on United

On airlines like United, overweight and oversized baggage can be problematic as passengers might be asked to pay some extra dollars. The ideal size of baggage allowed by the airline is 157 centimeters or 62 inches. You can simply combine the length, width, and height of your bag to measure it before traveling. Baggage under 63 to 115 inches can be allowed on paying $200 as United Airlines’ oversized baggage fee. Bags above this size may not be allowed by the airline.

On the other hand, overweight baggage fees can depend on the kind of flight ticket you have purchased. For Basic Economy class bookings, travelers can carry a bag weighing up to 50 pounds. Above this limit, the passenger can be asked to pay a certain baggage fee depending upon the extra weight.

For a bag weighing between 51 to 70 pounds, you can be required to pay $100 as United Airlines overweight baggage fee. A bag weighing 71 to 100 pounds can be charged an extra amount of $200. The bags of weight above 100 pounds may not be allowed to be carried by the carrier.

United Airlines Baggage Fees: Active Duty Military

United Airlines can provide exemptions on baggage carried by U.S. military personnel. There can be a reduced United Airlines baggage fee for active duty for military personnel. The reduction in the fee can depend on the size of the luggage carried.

The following table will give you more details about the baggage limits set for military officials while they are on duty:

Kind of TravelNumber of Bags without Fees Maximum Size Allowed on Each BagMaximum Weight on Each Bag
Official needs5 Bags115 inches70 pounds
Personal travel2 Bags62 inches70 pounds
Military depends on travel orders3 Bags62 inches100 pounds

Note: The requirements listed above can be applied for all types of fares on United Airlines. The eligibility to travel for a military person can remain the same when he/she is traveling on Economy, Business, or even First Class.

In case the military personnel is traveling for personal reasons then, the standard United Airlines Baggage Policy rules can be applied. Therefore, when any military official is a traveler for such reasons, he/she can only carry the baggage of size 62 inches and not more than 50 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

United Airlines’ domestic baggage fees for checked and carry-on bags can be $35.00 for the first bag. The second bag’s fee may cost around $45 and additional bags can be charged $150 per piece.

On United, the average fee for the first checked bag can be $30. For the second bag, it can be $40. According to tp United Airlines baggage fees 2020, passengers may be charged an extra 5 USD from February

Passengers of United Airlines need to pay a certain amount according to the extra weight of baggage. The following is the exact United Airlines baggage fees according to the weight range:

  • For bags weighing between 51 to 70 – The baggage charge can be $100.
  • For bags weighing between 71 to 100 – The baggage fee can be $200.

The bags weighing more than 100 pounds may not be allowed.

The United Airlines baggage fees for military officials can be charged. It can be comparatively lower when on duty. For such officials, the baggage policy may have a slightly different size and weight allowance. However, when any military personnel is traveling for personal reasons, following the standard baggage fees norms can be required.

Too big carry-on bags may not be allowed and can be liable for carry-on baggage fees for United Airlines. The airline may charge some extra amount along with a $25 gate handling charge in case of big carry-on bags.

Checked baggage can be free for United’s Business Class and First Class travelers globally. Economy travelers flying to Europe and other long-distance destinations can be entitled to one free checked bag. If you book an Economy Basic fare, then you will have to pay checked baggage fees for United Airlines.

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