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United Airlines Baggage Policy for Economy

Being a passenger-friendly air operator, United Airlines is best-known for offering affordable scheduled flight options. Among all, the basic economy is one of the best options for those who are more price-sensitive. Even though this is a low-priced fare option, passengers may get the same amenities and in-flight services such as beverages and food. However, this may have some restrictions. And for this, you are advised to review the United Airlines baggage policy for economy class.

Below, we have listed the important aspects of the same. So, keep on reading for more.

United Airlines Basic Economy Baggage Policy

To make your upcoming trip less complicated and stress-free, you are suggested to go through the United Airlines Baggage Policy of basic economy. If you do not know how and where to check it from, look at the following points to learn more about the baggage rules:

Personal Item: While traveling in the basic economy class, you will be allowed to bring one personal item for free. It could be a purse, shoulder bag, small backpack, laptop bag, etc. You can also bring breast pumps, medical devices, assistive devices, and mobility aids as a personal item. While bringing a personal item, you must make sure that it fits well under the front seat. And for this, it should have the dimensions of:

Personal Item Dimension (maximum up to)22cm x 25cm x 43cm

Carry-On Bags: You will be allowed to bring carry-on baggage even in the basic economy ticket. However, the allowance will need to be paid and it will be the same as for the tickets of economy class. Please note that it is permitted if you are traveling on a trans-pacific flight to or from the USA or a trans-Atlantic flight to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe or from and to the USA, Central America, and Mexico.

NOTE: For others, you will not be allowed to bring a full-sized carry-on baggage. But you can get this benefit if you are a premier member of MileagePlus, a companion of the primary card-member, or a Gold member of Star Alliance. Others will need to pay an amount of USD25 as the gate handling charges along with the checked baggage fee for full-sized bags.

Refund Policy for Basic Economy

As per the basic economy United Airlines baggage policy, refunds are not available. However, you can avail of the benefits of a 24-hour cancellation policy wherein you can cancel a ticket for free and request a refund. Apart from this, economy/ basic economy tickets can also be changed if they are booked by 31st December 2021 for travel starting by 31st December 2021.

Checked Baggage Rules for Basic Economy

When you have a basic economy ticket, it will come with some checked baggage rules that are similar to the ones listed for standard economy fares. For trans-Atlantic flights, passengers will need to pay for the 1st checked bag but it is free on trans-pacific flights. In case of any confusion related to checked bags, you are suggested to read the United Airlines economy baggage policy carefully.

Add Benefits to Your Basic Economy Ticket

If you have a basic economy fare but you feel that it is excessively restrictive, then do not worry as you can add some features of an economy fare to it by paying a service fee. By doing so, you will be provided with the following:

  • You can bring 1 full-size carry-on bag on board
  • You can cancel or change your flight for free
  • You will get the benefit of complimentary seat allocation prior to check-in
  • You can upgrade your seat to economy plus, premium cabin, etc.

IMPORTANT: This facility is only available for domestic flights within the USA and short-haul travels to the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. To add benefits, you can use the official website or the official mobile app of United Airlines.

Closing Remarks

Basic economy is not only an affordable flying option offered by United Airlines but the benefits and features can also be added to make your journey as comfortable and smooth as possible. However, you must read and get familiar with every aspect of this United Airlines baggage policy for economy (and basic economy) beforehand. By knowing every aspect, you can keep the unwanted hassles and confusions at bay and enjoy your trip even more. To review the policy, you can browse through the official website or simply call the customer care center of United Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to United Airlines Baggage Policy for Economy

Look at the following to know more about the baggage policy of United Airlines for economy/ basic economy classes:

By opting for the membership of MileagePlus and Premier, you will earn the following:

  • Full Premier Qualifying Points or PQP
  • Lifetime miles
  • Awarded miles based on the fare and status of your MileagePlus membership

However, it also has some restrictions. Look at the following to know what you will not get with it:

  • Paid upgrades
  • Complimentary seating in economy plus
  • Plus Points upgrades
  • Complimentary Premier upgrades
  • Mileage upgrades

No, you will not be provided with this benefit. You will be assigned a seat automatically and it cannot be changed once it is allocated.

If you have basic economy tickets, then this benefit will not be provided. But yes, it can be done through advance seat assignment purchase.

If you are a Mileage Plus Premier member or a companion with the primary card-member of Mileage Plus credit card, etc., you can board on priority basis. But if you do not have these, you will be the last group to board.

Yes, you can do it but you will have to add some “United Travel Options’ items. To learn more about the same, you can get in touch with the United representative or simply visit the official website.

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