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United Airlines Baggage Weight Limit

Based in Chicago, United States, United Airlines has an easy-to-understand baggage policy. Since the United baggage weight policy consists of various guidelines for its travellers, it is highly recommended to everyone to go through the same before booking their flight tickets. Knowing baggage weight and related rules can be great as you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have plans to travel with United Airlines, then it is suggested to keep on reading this post because we are going to shed light on the weight restrictions and related aspects.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Weight Rules

Are you looking for the answer to – what is the baggage weight limit for United international flights? Yes? This section is for you. According to the checked baggage rules, the weight limitations will highly depend on the class chosen for your travel. Since every class has different limitations in terms of weight, below we have tabulated everything. Take a look:

United Airlines Travel ClassWeight Restrictions
Economy50 lbs
Premium Economy70 lbs
Business70 lbs
First-Class70 lbs

And when it comes to the United Airlines checked baggage weight allowance, you can always use the ‘Baggage Charge Calculator’ given on the official website of the airline. Below, we have mentioned the indicative checked baggage allowance as per the weight and maximum size. Take a look:

CategoryMaximum WeightMaximum Size (linear dimensions)Applicable Fees
1st checked bag50 lbs62 inchesUSD 35
2nd checked bag50 lbs62 inchesUSD 45
3rd checked bag50 lbs62 inchesUSD 150
4th and more checked bags50 lbs62 inchesUSD 200

United Airlines Excess Baggage Rules

The airline has clear guidelines for excess baggage. According to this policy, you will need to pay an additional amount as the excess baggage fees if you chose to travel with an additional luggage. However, you will need to take some recommendations into account while or before travelling with excess baggage:

  • The size and weight of the additional luggage should not be more than 62 inches (linear) and 50 pounds respectively
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry any additional baggage that is more than 115 lbs
  • The airline may either charge an additional fee or simply deny the boarding if the size of the baggage is between 63 inches and 115 inches

Fees for Oversized/ Overweight Baggage

According to the policy of United Airlines weight limit baggage for international and domestic routes, you will need to pay a specific amount for the bags that do not abide by the weight and size rules. The following in an indicative list of the applicable fees for different destinations (you are advised to connect with the airline to know the fees for your specific route):   

Route/ DestinationFees for Bags between 51 lbs and 70 lbsFees for Bags between 71 lbs and 100 lbsFees for Bags between 63 inches and 115 inches (linear)
Within the USA and CanadaUSD 100USD 200USD 200
USA to/from MexicoUSD 100USD 200USD 200 – USD 400
USA to/from Merida, Cancun, and CozumelUSD 100USD 200USD 200 – USD 400
USA to/from CaribbeanUSD 100USD 200USD 200 – USD 400
USA to/from US Virgin Islands and Puerto RicoUSD 100USD 200USD 200
USA to/from CubaUSD 400USD 600USD 400
USA to/from Central AmericaUSD 200USD 400USD 200 – USD 300
USA to/from BrazilUSD 100USD 200USD 200
USA to/from India and EuropeUSD 200USD 400USD 200

United Airlines Carry-On Baggage Weight Policy

The carry-on baggage policy defines what can and cannot be taken on board. According to this policy, you will be allowed to bring the items listed below:

  • ·   Makeup items & accessories
  • ·   Strollers
  • ·   Child safety seats
  • ·   Baby products
  • ·   Blankets
  • ·   Binoculars
  • ·   Books
  • ·   Bottled water
  • ·   Clock
  • ·   Digital cameras
  • ·   Extension cords

TIP: You are suggested to visit the official website of United Airlines to get detailed information about the permitted items on board.

Permitted Musical Instruments and Sports Equipment

The airline also accepts certain musical and sports tools. Here is the indicative list of the same:

  • Guitars
  • Violins
  • Flutes
  • Piano
  • Drum
  • Bicycles
  • Archery equipment
  • Baseball equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Boogie and speed boards
  • Hockey & lacrosse equipment
  • Bowling equipment
  • Surfboards
  • Fencing & kendo equipment
  • Skateboards
  • Skyboards
  • Windsurfing boards
  • Snowboards
  • Vaulting poles

IMPORTANT: You can also carry liquids, gels, etc. but in the litre-size or quart-size sealable and transparent bag. However, the quantity should not be more than 3.4 ounces.

Strictly Prohibited Items on United Airlines

The baggage policy of this Chicago-based airline has banned some items on board due to the safety and security concerns of fellow passengers. Some of these banned items have been listed below:

  • Avalanche packs
  • Dry ice
  • Batteries
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Stun guns
  • Firearms
  • Self-propelled vehicles
  • Household items
  • Gasoline-powered tools
  • Lighters
  • Matchsticks
  • e-Cigarettes
  • Mobility devices
  • Scuba tanks 

Final Thoughts

To plan your trip in a better way, it is important for you to read and understand every aspect of the policy related to the baggage weight limit on United Airlines for checked and carry-on bags. In case you feel that we have missed out on something, you can directly reach out to the customer care team of United Airlines or browse through the official website for detailed information. But be sure to know everything otherwise you will need to face unnecessary issues on your travel day.

Here are some frequently asked questions about United Airlines Baggage Policy guidelines and related aspects. Take a look:  

According to the baggage policy of United Airlines, all passengers will be provided with one FREE personal item on board in the basic economy. If you have booked tickets in the premium economy class or higher, then you will also get one free carry-on bag. United Premier Members will get more benefits as they will get complimentary checked baggage along with one free personal item and one free carry-on bag. However, you should always check with the airline if there is any special way to get such benefits.

The difference is pretty simple. A personal item is the one that you can keep with you throughout the journey. It could be your purse, backpack, laptop bag, etc. A personal item is small enough to be kept in your lap. A carry-on bag, on the other hand, is slightly bigger in size than a personal item. A personal item is free irrespective of the class chosen but a carry-in bag is not provided for free in basic economy.    

Yes, this airline appreciates people who serve the country. Hence, they offer special benefits to them as well as their family members. According to the baggage policy, active military officers will be provided up to 5 free checked bags. Their family members travelling with special orders will also get the same benefits. Look at the following table for more details:

Trip TypeClassMaximum SizeMaximum WeightNo. of Free Bags
Military dependents with special travel ordersAll Classes62 inches70 lbs2 bags
Personal TravelAll Classes62 inches70 lbs3 bags
Official BusinessAll Classes62 inches100 lbs5 bags

You can also get in touch with the airline to learn more about the benefits provided by them to the army officers and their dependents.

Even though there is no fee for the first bag if you are flying to an international route, the airline may charge for the second and more bags. However, the fee may vary from one destination to another. So, it is good to connect with the airline’s customer care team for further details.

As per the baggage weight policy of United Airlines, you can carry liquid items weighing maximum up to 3.4 ounces. For detailed information, refer to the baggage policy given on the official website.

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