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The cancellation process of any airline including United Airlines can be expensive as well as complicated. But when situations are unavoidable, cancelling your flight ticket is the only way left. If you have a reservation with United Airlines and want to cancel your tickets, then you are at the right place. Today, we are going to tell you – what is United Airlines cancellation policy, the United Airlines cancellation policy amid COVID-19, and several other important aspects. So, keep on reading to find more about the policies that apply to your specific situations.  

United Airlines Cancellation Policy for COVID-19

For premium cabin and standard economy tickets that are issued from 1st April 2020 to 31st May 2021, all passengers will be allowed to change without paying any change fee. This amount will be lesser or equal to the value. The change fee is waived off for the basic economy if the tickets are booked through 30th April 2021. For more details about United Airlines cancellations amid the COVID-19 scenario, you must connect with the airline’s customer support team.

24-Hour United Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Before we talk about the United Airlines ticket cancellation policy, you should understand this aspect if you want to save while canceling your tickets. If you want to get a full refund or want to cancel your tickets without any additional fee, then you should cancel or Change Flight Tickets within 24 hours of the purchase. In case you miss this risk-free period, you will need to pay a certain amount as the United Airlines trip cancellation fee. So, always make sure you use this “24-Hour FREE Cancellation” to save more.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy Process

Irrespective of the fare and destination chosen, you can cancel your tickets for free with the help of a 24-hour cancellation policy. Apart from this, the airline provides several benefits to the passenger, if their flight is cancelled due to corporate reasons or internal issues. And these include:

  • Flight cancellation without any refund request and penalty
  • Alternate flight option
  • Postponement of the travel to get United Airlines cancel flight credit

No look at the following to learn more about the cancellation policy of United Airlines:

Cancellation Policy of United Airlines for Basic Economy Fares

As per the policy of United Airlines cancellations, these tickets are not eligible for a refund unless you cancel it within 24 hours of the booking. You must contact the United Airlines customer support team to learn more about the same.

Non-Refundable Tickets & United Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you miss the risk-free or free cancellation window, then you will require paying the United Airlines cancellation fee of US$200 for domestic flights and US$400 for international flight tickets. This amount is basically deducted from the value of your ticket and the rest of the amount either credited to your account or can be utilized for future trips. However, it comes with certain rules. Look at the following to learn more:

  • You must cancel your tickets prior to the first departs
  • The trip should start within 12 months from the issuance date of the original booking  

However, a non-refundable ticket can be cancelled and you can get a full refund if the passenger or any of his close relatives dies or there is any jury duty and military order. To avail of the benefits, you will definitely need supportive documents.

Refundable Tickets & United Airlines Cancellation Policy

A refundable ticket can be cancelled at any point in time but before the scheduled departure. The airline will be credited in the original form of the payment. The United Airlines cancellation refund process can take 7-20 business days to be completed.

Award Tickets and Cancellation Policy

The airline has slightly different rules for award tickets when it comes to flight cancellations. So, check out the table given below to learn more:

United Airlines Cancellations and Award Tickets

Cancellation Time DurationFee for General MembersFee for Premier Silver MembersFee for Premier Gold MembersFee for Premier Platinum MembersFee for Premier 1K Members
60 or more days before the scheduled departureUS$75US$50US$25NilNil
0-60 days before the scheduled departureUS$125US$100US$75US$50Nil
No ShowUS$125US$125US$125US$125US$125

How to Cancel United Airlines Flight?

United Airlines is a leading scheduled flight service provider at present. Hence, they offer everything possible to make sure that their passengers are happy. And when it comes to United Airlines cancellations, you cannot miss the multiple methods offered by them. Continue reading for more:

Flight Cancellation via a Phone Call

If you are looking for the easiest cancellation mode, then you should call on the United Airlines cancellation phone number. When you do it, an aviation executive will connect with you to address your query. For cancellation, they will ask you to provide them with some important details like your name, contact details, fare type and destination chosen, the reason for flight cancellation, and so on. Once you are done with the details requested, they will initiate the flight cancellation process.

Online Flight Cancellation

The following steps are for those who have booked a flight ticket directly from the official website of United Airlines:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines
  • Go to the MY TRIPS to access all your trips by entering your last name and confirmation number
  • Press the SEARCH button
  • Click on the FLIGHT or TRIP you want to cancel
  • Confirm the cancellation to complete the process
  • Please note after cancellation, you will only get the refund after the fee deduction only

How to Avoid United Airlines Cancellation Fee?

There are several ways to avoid cancellation fees. So, check out the following to know these points:

  • You can cancel your tickets within 24 hours of the booking but before 7 days of the scheduled departure. Please note that it does not include the tickets booked through e-certificate and group tickets.
  • If the flight is delayed by 6 or more hours, then you can request for the refunds. The amount will be provided as travel credit. You can use it within 12 months to rebook your tickets with United Airlines.
  • In case the flight is cancelled due to weather, low demand, or any other issue, you can request for full refunds
  • The airline will also waive off the cancellation fee and you can enjoy United Airlines free cancellations, if you have cancelled it due to the death of the passenger or co-passenger, military orders, etc.

Connect with Us for Easy Cancellation

Have more queries related to United Airlines cancellation policy, credit, and want to know United Airlines how to use credit from cancelled flight? No matter what concern you have, you can always count on us for the best support services for United Airlines. Our dedicated team members will help you understand everything related to United Airlines cancellations so that you can make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Here are some frequently asked questions about United Airlines cancellations policy with detailed answers. Just take a look:  

Yes, you can cancel it for free within 24 hours of the purchase. In case you cancel it after 24 hours of the booking, you will need to pay the cancellation fee which depends on the fare type and destination chosen. Connect with United Airlines for more details.

Even though basic economy tickets cannot be changed if you have completed your purchase, you can still cancel it – thanks to the 24-hour United Airlines cancellation policy. This policy provides you with the flexibility to cancel or modify your bookings for free within 24 hours of the booking. However, the cancellation should be done at least one week prior to the scheduled departure.

In this case, you can request a refund by visiting the official website of United Airlines or simply call on the United Airlines cancellation number.

When you choose “CANCEL FLIGHT”, you will also be provided with an option so that you can cancel the award reservation and redeposit the used miles. Please note that you will need to pay the redeposit fee as applicable.

It clears at the time of flight booking. In case you still have a doubt, you can go to the official website of United Airlines or simply check your ticket. Refundable tickets typically cost you a little more when compared to non-refundable ones for the same route. Still, you are suggested to connect with United Airlines customer care executive for detailed information.

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