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Every airline is different and so are the methods to help its travelers find the lost items. When it comes to United Airlines, it handles all ‘item lost’ requests/queries by itself, it can also outsource the entire search process by giving the task to a specialist called Charger Back. Being a leading carrier of the country, it understands that leaving something important or valuable on board or on the plane can make the passenger feel stressed and upset. Therefore, United Airlines make every possible effort to find and return the lost item. And for this, one can act as per the United lost and found rules. Before you search other platforms for the process and methods to report and get the items lost, continue reading this post. It is because we are going to explain everything important that you should learn about the United Airlines lost and found.

Immediate Steps to Take when You Left Something

If you have left the aircraft, then one of the most prudent things that you can do is – just get back to the flight’s gate. After this, just find the staff or crew member of United Airlines even if it is a pilot or an air hostess. Once you find one, just let them know that you have left something on the plane.

While telling this, do not forget to explain how your item looks like, what your seat number is, etc. If they are able, then they will surely recover the item immediately. In case they are not allowed to board the plane again, they will tell you about the procedural protocols of the United Airlines lost and found baggage. Just follow the protocols to make sure that your item is safe.

What Should Be Done If You Are at the Airport?

If you left the plane but are still on the airport premises, then you must find and connect with the United Airlines lost and found department. By connecting with them, you can inform them that you have left your item on the plane. In case you did not find the information desk or lost and found department on the airport to raise the issue.

IMPORTANT: You can also approach the airport’s general staff to help you find the missing item. Many times, they will assist you to reach the United Airlines’ staff so that you can connect with them and seek help to get your lost item back.

Baggage Service Counter of United Airlines

As mentioned earlier, you can go to the baggage service counter of the air operator to drag their attention towards your lost item query. Even though this section is all about dealing with the lost luggage and related queries, they may assist you in the lost item issues too.

While connecting with them for the United baggage lost and found query, try to give them as many details about the lost item as you can. This will improve the chances of getting the item found quickly.

REMEMBER: Due to the ongoing spread of Coronavirus, all airlines are advised to clean the aircraft thoroughly. Therefore, it may take more time than usual to find your item lost on the plane.

What to Do if You Left the Airport?

In case you leave the airport and realize that something is left on the plane, do not fret! Being a passenger-friendly airline, you will be provided with another way to inform about the United Airlines Baggage lost and found. This could be done via a phone call on the United Airlines lost and found customer service number or simply filling out the online form.

To call the United Airlines lost and found customer service, you can dial the following numbers:

Customer Care Number (Toll-Free)1-800-864-8331
Baggage Services1-800-335-2247
Contact Number of the TSA1-866-289-9673

Besides these, you can also visit the official website to chat with the aviation executive of the air operator regarding the lost item.

How to Fill United Airlines Lost and Found Form?

In addition to the United Airlines lost and found telephone number, you can also fill out the online claim form for the lost item. It is available on the website. Look at the following to know the steps involved to fill out the United Airlines lost and found form:

  • Visit the official website of the United Airlines
  • Go to the Travel and Baggage page
  • On this page, you will get to see the option Fill Out a Form
  • In this section, there will be a link to fill out the form. Click on it
  • Upon this, you will be redirected to the website of Chargerback
  • To report your lost item, fill out the form and enter the details asked i.e. item type, flight number, flight date, airport last seen, etc.
  • On the same page, you will also need to fill out the ‘Contact and Shipping Information’ so that you can get your item back
  • Before submitting the details, enter your first & last name, phone number, email ID, address, city, country, ZIP code, etc.
  • Once you fill out the details, click on the SUBMIT button

In case you are unable to fill out the form or connect via a phone call on the United Airlines lost and found phone number, you can still send a ‘mail’ to the following address:

United Airlines

Baggage Resolution Service Center,

900 Grand Plaza Drive,

Houston, TX 77067

United States

Final Thoughts

We all know that there is no assurance to get the lost item back, but chances can be increased if you act speedily and smartly. And for this, you should follow the guide of United Airlines lost and found as mentioned above. Just keep in mind, inform the concerned authorities immediately and provide them with as many details as possible to make the recovery easier and faster for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to United Lost and Found

Look at the following to learn more about the answers to commonly asked questions about United lost and found:

When a passenger submits the lost item form, the airline will send the notification on their registered email ID with a tracking number to know the status.

Once you submit the request, the airline will take a maximum of up to 30 days to find and return your item.

When you lost your laptop on the plane, you are advised to call customer service or fill out the lost and found form available online. To help the concerned team speed up the recovery process, you are advised to provide them with the proper details i.e. brand name, model name, laptop’s color, size, and so on.

If the airline finds cash in the terminal or on the plane, they may convert the same into prepaid cards. These cards are designed to safely and quickly return the adequate amount to its rightful owner.

The airline understands the physical and sentimental value of every item. For this, they try their level best to recover the lost item but they do not speak to any passenger personally on the call. The airline will only act on the requests submitted via an online form or a call.  

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