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Want to fly with your feline friend? But do not know how? Well! You do not have to worry about anything if you have booked your tickets with United Airlines. Thanks to the flexible and passenger-friendly United Airlines pet policy that you can easily fly with your furry friend without any hassle. Here, on this page, we have tried to cover every aspect of pet policy that you should know about. So, stay tuned to find more.

United Airlines Pet Policy

The airline provides you with “In-Cabin Pets” and “PetSafe” options so that you can travel with your pet with the greatest ease. The detailed information on these options has been mentioned below. So, check it out to decide better.

What is United Airlines “In-Cabin Pets” Policy?

This policy is specifically designed for domesticated dogs and cats. As per this policy, you can travel with your pet keeping them in a strong, safe, and leak-proof carrier. Later, you can place it under your front seat. Please note that your pet cannot be in-cabin on United Airlines’ flights from, to, or through Hawaii and some international cities. But an in-cabin pet facility is available on selected routes for these locations. Pit bulls are strictly not allowed in any flight.

In-Cabin Pets Charges

While traveling, you can bring the kennel of your in-cabin pet along with your carry-on bags, according to the United Airlines “In-Cabin Pets” policy. For this, you will have to pay the service charge of USD125 for each way and an additional amount of USD125 as the service charge for every stopover of above 4 hours for domestic and 24 hours for international routes. If you are traveling with a service pet or military pet, then you must note down that the United Airlines pet policy for military and service animals is a bit different. We will shed light on these aspects later.

Essentials of In-Cabin Pets

We all know that pets are an integral part of any family. So, to keep them safe during travel, you must follow everything mentioned in the United Airlines pet policy. Check out the following to learn more about the basic requirements for “in-cabin pets”:

  • For domestic routes, the age of the kittens and puppies should be at least 8 weeks old. While for international flights, the age of your kittens and puppies must be 16 weeks (it is because of the rabies vaccine requirements)
  • Your pet cannot travel with an unaccompanied minor
  • To bring your pet abroad, you will need to buy an additional ticket and you will need to pay an additional amount of USD125 each way according to the United Airlines pet policy cost. You will need to keep your pet under the seat throughout the travel
  • You can opt for the PetSafe program of United Airlines if the pet does not fit in the kennel
  • Your pet should be on the same flight as yours because you will be responsible for them
  • Oxygen service will not be provided or available for pets in case of an emergency

Documents Needed According to United Airlines Pet Shipping Policy

While traveling, you will need to prepare a lot as per United Airlines pet policy for international flights and domestic flights. Hence, you will need to bring a set of certain documents. And these include:

  • Scanned copies of the duly filled, signed, and properly dated Customer Acknowledgment Form
  • Scanned copies of the original health and related certificates of your pet issued and signed by a veterinarian who has examined the pet at least 10 days within or before the travel
  • United Airlines also accept the EU Pet Passport and consider it as a valid health certificate. But it should have all the necessary details of your pet
  • You must carry a digital photo of the travel crate of your pet. The photo should be as the given dimensions
  • You should also carry your pet’s digital photo that clearly shows their face to indicate the breed

PetSafe Program Offered by United Airlines

If your pet is not eligible to travel in the in-cabin, then you can choose the PetSafe program. This is such an amazing program specially designed to safely transport pets. To learn more about this program including the charges, you are suggested to connect with the airline’s customer care team.

United Airlines ESA Pet Policy for Kennels and Carriers

To travel with your pet without any hassle, you are suggested to keep them in a soft-sided or hard-sided kennel which should be approved by the concerned authorities. In addition to this, the kennel should perfectly fit underneath the front seat and must remain there throughout the journey.

When it comes to the dimensions as per the United Airlines pet policy international travel and domestic policy, the hard-sided kennels should have the dimensions of 44cm x 30cm x 19cm. For the soft-sided kennels, on the other hand, the dimensions should be 46cm x 28cm x 28cm. Since soft-sided kennels and carriers are easy to collapse, you can increase the dimensions slightly. In addition to this, the kennel or carrier should fit well in the front seat. Your pet should be comfortable and have adequate space for your pet to stand and sit properly. If you have any questions or doubts, then you are suggested to call the customer care team of United Airlines.

How to Book “In-Cabin Pet”?

If you are willing to travel with your loving pet, then you will have to indicate it beforehand. You can do it while Booking Your Flight Tickets online on the official website or mobile application of United Airlines. Just indicate the total number of passengers in your booking. After this, go to the MANAGE RESERVATIONS option to add your pet.

One notable point here is that United Airlines pet policy (in-cabin pets) is only applicable to the flights that are operated by United Airlines and United Express. In case you have a booking with the codeshare flight, you are suggested to connect with them to read the precise pet policy. For multiple airlines, check each one individually to avoid unnecessary delays later.

Airports Rules for In-Cabin Pet

While you are at the airport, you will need to keep your pet in the carrier all the time. In addition to this, go to the customer service executive of United Airlines to collect the yellow tag. You will need to attach it to the kennel or carrier of your pet. This tag is an indication that your pet is ready to fly. If you do not have that tag, the boarding of your pet will be denied.

On-Board Rules for In-Cabin Pet

While boarding with an in-cabin pet, you will need to follow certain rules as per United Airlines in-cabin pet policy. These include:

  • You will have to keep your pet in the kennel or carrier with closed door all the times when you are at the airport, check-in area, boarding point, and in the plane
  • The kennel or carrier of your pet should be place at your feet – under the front seat

United Airlines Pet Policy for Military and Service Animals

As per the United Airlines pet shipping policy, you can travel with your pet cats and dogs if you are an active US military staff on Permanent Change of Station or PCS along with the State Department Foreign Service Personnel or FSP. This benefit is available for domestic as well as international routes. When it comes to service animals, only trained ones are allowed to travel with qualified persons with special needs.

United Airlines Pet Policy to Hawaii    

Amid COVID-19, the airline has temporarily barred dogs with high risk of rabies from entering the USA and several other destinations including Ghana, China, Brazil, Belize, India, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Domitian Republic, Peru, South Africa, Philippines, Honduras, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Panama, United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland, Iceland, Tahiti, and so on.

So, before you travel to one of these countries or Hawaii, you are suggested to connect with the customer service center of United Airlines. You can also get in touch with us to understand United Airlines pet policy for Hawaii and other countries.

Vaccination and Health Related Requirements for Pets and Dogs for Entering the USA

Another crucial aspect of United Airlines pet policy is the vaccine and health-related requirements that you should understand. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has set some exceptions for pets arriving from the rabies-free nations. However, you will require bringing the rabies vaccination certificate with you which is signed by a licensed vet. The vaccination should be completed 30 days prior to your arrival in the USA. Please note that puppies below 4 months will not be accepted for travel because they cannot be vaccinated before the age of 3 months.

Besides, the vaccination certificate of your pet should have the below-listed details as per United Airlines pet policy:

  • Name, address, and contact number of the pet’s owner
  • Pet’s details including breed, age, sex, color, marking, etc.
  • Vaccination date along with the vaccine’s name
  • Expiry date of the vaccination
  • Booster shot’s confirmation is accepted

Need More Info? Connect with Us for Detailed Information

If you are looking for more details about United Airlines pet policy and other related aspects, then you can get in touch with us. Here, we have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you so that all your doubts and issues can be resolved. Thinking? Do not waste your precious time, just connect with us and plan your next trip with your furry friend to enjoy more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to United Airlines Pet Policy

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about United Airlines pet policy and related aspects. Take a look:

As per the United Airlines pet policy, the carrier along with your pet will be considered as carry-on baggage. As a result, a fee will incur that will be paid by you. Since the charges may vary from one flight and destination to another, it is suggested to collect all details prior to your departure.

To check in with your pet, you will need to go to the passenger counter. Please note that animals cannot be checked in at the curbside. In addition to this, you will need to pay a certain amount as a fee while checking in your pet. For more details, connect with the United Customer Representative at the airport or simply call them for further assistance.

The airline permits 4 pets per flight having a narrow body in economy class. If the aircraft has wide-body, then 6 pets can travel in a single flight.

You can sit at any place (allotted by the airline or chosen by you) apart from the emergency exit or bulkhead row. The airline will not allow you to sit here with your pet due to safety reasons.

The airline consists of different aircraft in its fleet. So, the maximum height depends on the flight you are traveling in. For instance, if you are traveling in the Boeing-737 Max 9, then the suggested height for the kennel or carrier is 10 inches. Detailed information can be collected from the official website of United Airlines. 

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